Quotes: Bellac, Haute-Vienne, France, 1882, ranging from wars novelist, essayist, playwright [[Madwoman away from Chaillot), diplomat

Quotes: Bellac, Haute-Vienne, France, 1882, ranging from wars novelist, essayist, playwright [[Madwoman away from Chaillot), diplomat

9. step one. Men is believe merely 50 % of exactly what women state, but and this half of? 2. Individuals who cry get well more easily compared to those who look. Hint: Nothing way more to spend? A beneficial. Jean Anouilh B. Jean Giraudoux C. Jules Renard D. Jean Genet

Nobody far appreciated their content, initially, also colorful, nonetheless it caught towards the

P10. Sci/Tech: 1947, Concord, NH, for example st time, forest fire put-out from the seeding cumulus clouds as to what? A good. Tobacco dirt B. Sawdust C. Vapor D. Lifeless ice Clue: Robert Frost’s replacement attention.

P11. Sports/Games: For the 1960, a fellow entitled Cassius Clay wins 1st specialist strive in their hometown. What condition? Hint: Spoonerism to your Gerry Moore Let you know host Durward Kirby. Good. Tennessee B. Alabama C. Kentucky D. Georgia

P12. Stage/Screen: Created into the Brooklyn for the 1947 in order to a rest activist and you can attorney, he bankrupt towards photographs because Curt for the Western Graffiti; proceeded to make such as for example movies once the Jaws, Romantic Encounters of your Third Type, Mr. Holland’s Opus, The good-bye Lady which he won an Oscar. Hint: skittish doing work horse A good. Richard Dreyfuss B. Ron Howard C. Harrison Ford D. Robert Duvall

thirteen. More Borrowing from the bank: A beneficial goat’s youngsters are like just what geometric contour? Hint: Vicarage. An excellent. System B. Triangle C. Egg-shaped D. Rectangle

P1. Art/Culture: Born into the Paris within the 1839 so you’re able to rich Uk parents regarding the cotton company, he had been taken to London area to study team, however it didn’t simply take. Rather, he returned to help you France and you can went to together with buddies Claude Monet and you may Pierre-Auguste Renoir paint landscapes outside. Hint: Palermo Good. Edgar Degas B. Alfred Sisley C. William Merritt Chase D. J. Alden Weir

P2. Geo: 1945, Ohio City Monarch’s Jackie Robinson signs as to what MLB club? Hint: Dickens A. Boston Purple Sox B. Brooklyn Dodgers C. New york giants D. Nyc Yankees

P3. History: 1938, H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds is radio broadcast. Panic in the streets! The reader was? A. H. G. Wells B. Orson Welles C. Walter Winchell D. Paul Harvey Hint: Bard comedy title

cuatro. Lang: Throughout the Opponents [[look for below), a characteristics which commonly spends a keyword in lieu of a great similar group of term, including: “I’ve given that applied Sir Anthony’s preposition ahead of their.” Hint: Dysfunctional stage mobile A. Mr. Dogberry B. Mrs. Malaprop C. Bob Miles D. Ladies Bracknell

P5. Lit: Dublin within the 1751, Irish poet and you will playwright of these performs once the Rivals and you will The college to possess Scandal. He possessed the new London area Theatre Royal into the Drury Way and is an effective Whig representative in your house of Commons. He shortly after told you: “Wouldn’t your are located in the garden? I’d like my roses observe you.” Hint: Hyacinth Bucket’s man in keeping Upwards Styles. A good. Richard Sheridan B. Oscar Wilde C. William Congreve D. Oliver Goldsmith

P6. Music/Dance: In the 1971 what John Lennon song was atop the latest maps? Hint: Your Show out-of Reveals A beneficial. Promote Serenity a spin B. Envision C. Working class Champion D. Mommy

Blair Underwood C

P7. People: Produced when you look at the Pasadena into the 1951, the guy starred Michael Kuzak for the L. A beneficial. Legislation. Hint: Oh, rats! A beneficial. Richard Dysart B. Harry Hamlin D. Corbin Bernsen

P8. Potluck: Born in the 1892 in the Italy, Charles Atlas moved to Brooklyn and you can put up a human anatomy-building course to own thin boys just like the in the childhood-predicated on his facts-some body in the a coastline kicked sand within his deal with as he weighed merely X weight. Exactly how many lbs is X? A beneficial. 90 B. 93 C. 97 https://hookupfornight.com/ D. 101 Tips: Messier # getting Owl Nebula, Wreck of Old .

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