Their bangs slip more than his eyes inside the an uneven perimeter

Their bangs slip more than his eyes inside the an uneven perimeter

Giyu Tomioka ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ?? ) ? ( ? ) ? ( ?? ) , Tomioka Giyu ? ) try a primary support profile away from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu zero Yaiba. He’s a devil Slayer of Demon Slayer Corps and you will the modern Liquids Hashira ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ??? ) , Mizu Bashira ? ) . [2]

Physical appearance

Giyu is actually a high young buck away from a muscle stature and you may pale skin tone, who is typically seen sporting a significant and you will emotionless expression. They have uncontrollable black colored tresses out of bumpy lengths one to sticks up in the tufts as much as his direct, that he wears fastened back to a low messy ponytail from the the bottom of their neck. Their vision is actually sharp and you may moderately high, their irises a deep sapphire that is out in order to a much lighter bluish as well as their pupils a blue-black, and generally are presented by the thin eyebrows.

Giyu wears a dark cyan-shaded kind of the standard Devil Slayer consistent which have buttoned white leg-wrapped kyahan and you may a set of white zori having navy blue straps and you may tabi socks the lower being the exact same cyan colour since his uniform. More so it, Giyu wears good haori which is broke up on the center toward two other designs: the best one a substantial red-colored, plus the kept that geometrically designed that have squares out-of environmentally friendly, lime, and you can red. This type of haori was basically afterwards indexed to possess belonged in order to his later older brother, Tsutako Tomioka, with his lifeless friend Sabito. [3]

Throughout their struggle with Muzan Kibutsuji, he will lose their proper case. [4] Pursuing the struggle, Giyu incisions his tresses down seriously to neck duration, today wearing it shed unlike tied up with the an excellent ponytail. [5]

When you are Giyu is actually knowledge significantly less than Sakonji Urokodaki, the guy dressed in a purple haori that will later make up his latest one and additionally black colored tucked-inside tattsuke-hakama pants and his newest light feet-covered kyahan and pair of white zori with dark blue straps. Additionally, the guy and additionally wears the brand new warding masks which might be signature to Sakonji’s children. For Giyu, it is a white fox cover up that have light-blue sight.


Giyu constantly wears an effective stoic and you may unbothered expression for the his deal with. He has a set aside identification and you may an effective sense of fairness without tolerance with the people who don’t know their particular limits and you may throw away its existence. [6] Despite letting Nezuko Kamado live on account of Tanjiro Kamado’s time and effort, the guy shows no hesitation when destroying most other demons and also zero respect or mercy towards her or him like most Devil Slayers. [7] But, Giyu broken brand new Demon Slayer Corps’ password regarding run as he safe Nezuko during the Shinobu’s just be sure to destroy her. This implies he doesn’t completely dislike demons once the other Hashira manage, and that is willing to create an exception having a devil by the allowing them to real time when they don’t destroy and you may eat people. This proves that he is a lot more practical when controling demons alternatively permitting his hatred affect their reasoning.

Giyu seemingly have a complex as to what other people remember your and that’s surprised when Shinobu Kocho states they are disliked by many people. [8] Besides that however, the guy cannot seem to be hurt by the Shinobu’s other pokes, actually ignoring her. Despite the fact that, he could be in fact ount of the past with her. They are men out of not many terms and has now issues interacting with someone else, therefore the guy constantly enjoys himself well away. [9] He even fades off his cure for tell Akaza you to definitely he dislikes speaking, and you may would like to remain their name to help you himself, when he thinks labels commonly intended largefriends to be common, particularly to demons.

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